Our business started in 1950 and we have since then been a major player in the market. The primary service we offer is the assembly and disassembly of machinery and equipment, primarily in the pulp and paper industry. We are therefore most often represented in the greater maintenance shutdowns in the Nordic paper and pulp mills, where we perform everything from maintenance work - such as roll changes, bearing changes and pump changes - to new installation of complete machines. We also have equipment and expertise to carry out measurements and alignment work using advanced measuring equipment. 

Our staff that works out in the field has extensive experience, and of course the education required to perform the assignments we undertake; safety training according to SSG, truck license, overhead crane competence and certificate for hot work to mention a few.

We have no problems with performing work outside the Nordic region, and have been, for example, both in Asia and Africa.

Equipment & Capacity

- Mobile cranes with capacities up to 35 tons .
- Vehicle fleet with most trucks for various working loads up to 16 tons
- Five 20-foot tool containers, and three 10-foot tool containers.
- Multiple sets of measuring equipment for machine, theodolite and levels .
- Shaft and pump alignment with combi laser and XA and aligning machine trains .
- Ability to transport with own truck equipped with a crane.



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